: Ochena Bhalobasa
: Various Composers
: Various Lyricist
: Various Artists
: G Series
: 30.07.2007
: 60.00
Player View Title Artist Lyricist Composer Time Price RBT
Brity Sakila Zafor And S I Tutul Lutfar Hassan Lutfar Hassan 4:11 10.00
Ami Thakte Chai Fahmida Nabi And Tipu Tipu And T I Antor Tipu 6:26 10.00
Ek Chilte Rod Bappa Mazumder And Toni T I Antor Tipu 3:39 10.00
Omor Kabbo Fahmida Nabi And S I Tutul Jahid Akber S I Tutul 4:02 10.00
Ochen Bhalobasa(Tutul) S I Tutul Jahid Akber Rajib 5:09 10.00
Rong Tipu And Toni T I Antor Said Hassan Tipu 4:02 10.00
Ovimaner Panshi Bappa Mazumder And Sakila Zafor Jahid Akber Rajib 3:50 10.00
Khub Beshi Ki Fahmida Nabi And Tipu T I Antor Said Hassan Tipu 4:08 10.00
Bhul Chilo Toni Jahid Akber Rajib 6:04 10.00
Ochena Bhalobasa(Fahmida) Fahmida Nabi Jahid Akber Rajib 5:04 10.00
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