About Us

G-Series, Agniveena & G-Technologies are sole trader companies owned by Nazmul Haque Bhuiyan. Established in 1983, G-Series production is the largest wholesaler and retailer company in Bangladesh in terms of production and distribution of Audio CD, Audio Cassettes, Video CD (VCD) and DVD of every aspect of audio-visual entertainment - Drama, Serials, Movies, TV programs, Reality Shows, Talent Hunts and of course - Music. As a producer, G-Series is the pioneer of the latest revolution of band music in Bangladesh and also the biggest promoter of undiscovered talents in every genre of music.


Established in 2006 as the sister concern of G-Series, Agniveena production is the first ever successful company in Bangladesh to practice royalty system in entertainment business.


In continuation to this success in entertainment business, G-Series launches another sister concern “G-Technologies”, as known as G-Tech in 2009 as the most potential mobile content provider at present time. To keep up with the pace of modern information technology and entertainment of 21st century, G-Technologies promises to combine entertainment and information together and bring the best and latest to its valuable consumer all around the country.


Run by its CEO Khademul Jahan, G-Series is continuously trying to enrich it’s offering by tying up with the upcoming talents to give them a platform to prove themselves, which also proved to be commercially viable throughout its journey. While providing the services, our principle will be respecting the existing copy right law as well as help protect the songs/intellectual properties from the vicious grip of piracy.


Named after the Nobel Prize winning literature work of Rabindranath Tagore (Geetanjoly) and the most acclaimed work the national poet of Bangladesh - Kazi Nazrul Islam (Agniveena), the company has a strong vision to uphold the ever-expanding horizon of cultural heritage of Bangladesh by providing the best entertainment for all.


Every week at least 4/5 items in average are released from the banner of G-Series and Agniveena production. Having the best network of distribution capacity and over 100 employers working day and night, the company can distribute the items in around 8000 (eight thousand) wholesale and retail shops in every corner of the country in no time.

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